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peter rozie jr

as a strategy & digital professional, i believe in supporting organizations, individuals and causes that, by design benefit a greater good and providing that support in ways where there’s no discernible difference between their goals & objectives or my own. i always ask the question, why does your organization and the community it serves exist? by asking this question helps to define purpose, engage hearts, secure loyalty and contribute to the good of that community, the health of the organization and the vibrancy of our society through engagement and inspiration.

attention is given to an organization’s overall business model and strategic road map to leverage currently trending technologies and paradigms to achieve predefined business goals and organizational objectives which, involve putting the buyer/subscriber/advocate first and technology where it belongs, in support of people, movements and causes.

development of brand engagement strategies utilizing the principles of first why, then how and finally what to properly assess an organization’s overall business model and strategic road-map to achieve predefined as well as evolving organizational goals and objectives like, enhancing revenue generation, soliciting donations or signing up new subscribers.

using this methodology places greater emphasis on understanding where buyers, subscribers, and advocates fit along the bell curve for “diffusion of innovation” and having innovators and early adopters as the primary focus of this strategy, allows certain organizations with this unique perspective to properly allocate resources and position any product, service or cause to this segment of the population with the greatest chance for influencing and finally helping to achieve a “tipping point” moment